Pure Embodiment

Pure Embodiment Products Now AvailablePure Embodiment products are specially formulated with Essential Oils rather than fragrances, not only for their amazing scents but also for the wonderful properties they possess. Made with hemp-derived isolate, organically grown in the USA, making all of our products 100% THC-Free.

Three Pillars to a Natural Approach to Healing

Health - Achieving a State of Good Health to Improve our Physical and Mental Well-Being.
Wellness - Promoting Wellness and a Lifestyle that Helps us Bring Back the Natural Balance in Our Body and Mind.
Care - Natural Care and the Responsibility of Protecting our Body Through an Organic Approach to Enhance our Body's Natural Healing Capacity.

Here is a list of the Pure Embodiment products we carry at Medical Xpress Wellness:

  • Pure Embodiment Massage Oil 150 mg
  • Pure Embodiment Joint Cream 100 mg
  • Pure Embodiment Misting Spray 250 mg

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