Trending CBD Wellness Gifts for Senior Citizens

by Medical Xpress Wellness

Known for its many touted healing effects without the harsh pharmaceutical side effects, CBD wellness products are quickly becoming the latest gifting trend for senior citizens. Find out which items and brands stood out from the rest. Then, discover some creative ways to wrap and present these items that are sure to make the recipient feel loved and appreciated.

Best Pain-Reducer
Although cannabidiol (CBD) products often conjure images of luxurious spa visits, they go beyond the traditional fragrant bath bombs, vitamins, and creamy lotions to offer a myriad of additional health benefits extracted from CBD oil. Such advantages make these products an increasingly popular gift for those who are struggling with aches and pains due to chronic inflammation. But, which brands work the best? Thankfully, Medical Xpress Wellness offers all the industry favorites that have been third-party tested and have multiple consumer reviews to back up their claims. This means shoppers can enjoy a relaxing trip to our stores while they choose the products that appeal most to them without worry over purchasing the wrong brand when it comes to effectiveness. We suggest searching for the giftee's preferred style of application or a scent he or she finds more therapeutic. For example, cbdMD's bath bombs, Pure Embodiment's massage oil, Ananda Hemp's joint cream, and Aceso Hemp's line of soothing balms are frequently purchased as spa-related gifts that pack a strong pain-relieving benefit.

Of course, although Medical Xpress Wellness has an extensive assortment of effective products, some methods of intake are faster acting than others. Most consumers report the speediest effects come from tinctures that are mixed with oil blends to produce a portable liquid that is easy to measure, take by dropping under the tongue, and carry for quick use as needed. CBDistillery and Ananda Hemp for instance are two producers that have demonstrated quick-acting results. Come to our two store locations or call our friendly staff members to learn more about usage and tincture options available.

Best for Travel
If the gift is intended for travel, it helps to have a product that is readily available to consume or apply out in public without the worry of having to explain the health benefits of CBD oil or the item not meeting the criteria for carry on airline regulations. That's why Green Garden Gold and CBDistillery's tasty gummies and Lucent Botanical's flavorful mints win our top picks for on-the-go relief. However, if you love our creams and tinctures, we have many products that fit the under 3.4-ounce size and the less than 0.3% THC ingredient requirements for airline travel. 

Easiest to Use
Are you frustrated by those products that come with lengthy instructions or are hard to open? This is especially difficult with chronic arthritis when it comes to twisting lids. Try our fizz drink tabs, sprays, or mints instead. Explore many packaging solutions to receive the right amount of CBD without the potentially painful and discouraging challenges of twisting motions.

Editor's Choice
At Medical Xpress Wellness, we pride ourselves on scouring the Internet and industry for those products that are shown to be top performers that deliver on their promises. It is our goal to create a comfortable shopping experience where consumers can feel confident in any purchase. On the other hand, for those not yet familiar with the natural restorative effects of CBD oil, the simpler intake methods may be a great place to start. We suggest a gift bag or basket with Lucent Botanical mints, Pure Embodiment joint cream, and cbdMD bath bombs. These items are intuitive to apply and carry in a purse, gym bag, or car. To discover the flavors, scents, and methods of intake that will be best suited for your gift recipient, ask our knowledgeable team which items our customers love for specific concerns.

Make it Irresistible
Once you know which items to purchase, you can begin designing how to present your gift. We recommend wrapping bath bombs and skin products in a bath towel and oversized wired Burlap ribbon for a spa gift set he or she will not soon forget. Crafting paper will provide a more natural appearance around items that come in a square or rectangular box when tied with string. A colorful gift tag will catch the recipient's eye.

Thus, there are many ways to experience the rewards of CBD oil with our high-standard products. When selecting an item for your loved one, we recommend considering the intake method, aroma, and packaging. If you are still undecided, talk to us about the growing number of reports about CBD oil's healing results and what you can expect from our products. Contact our team directly by calling  (888) 409-0524 or visit our store locations in Arlington and Austin for more information.