Our Top 10 CBD Store Product Categories

by Medical Xpress Wellness

Some lotions serumsHave you been hearing about the wonderful health benefits of CBD oil products? Are you wondering what types of CBD oil goodies are available for purchase for gifts or personal use? This restorative wonder has taken over the wellness industry, and the choices for utilizing this natural remedy now range from tasty treats to luxurious bath products. However, sometimes, it can be overwhelming to have such a large selection. That's why we created our top selling CBD product categories to make your next shopping trip to our store easy and fun!

First, let's start with the basics. Many people like to use the purest forms of CBD. If this is you, try adding one of our isolate powders to your drinks or lotions. These tinctures are fast-acting and touted as the most effective at delivering health benefits to your body. This is because all other compounds have been removed leaving you with some of the least altered CBD products available. 

Full Spectrum CBD Oil
Another effective solution for your coffee or tea is one of our full spectrum oils that can range from 300mg to 2,000mg of active cannabinoids. The difference between the isolate tinctures and the full spectrum oils is the full spectrum will likely contain other cannabinoids found in hemp. While these oils are like many other CBD products in that they lack enough of THC compound to deliver a "high" sensation, they often contain a variety of cannabinoids that many feel work together to provide more health benefits than the isolates.

To find the full spectrum products in our store, look for our Ananda Hemp and CBDistillery lines. Ananda Hemp is an established trusted reputation that has been developing safety tested hemp products in the U.S.A. for over 20 years. CBDisillery is best known for high-quality products sold at fair prices. Both companies offer oils contain varying amounts of cannabinoid concentrations for your needs plus a broad spectrum oil, which is THC free. Come by our store to learn more.

Capsules and Softgels
Another efficient way to get your daily dose of the CBD health benefits is by taking a capsule. There is no mixing or measuring needed with this intake method, which places the capsules at third place in our favorite product categories. Plus, you have your choice of softgel or original capsules with our CBDistillery line. Add it to your supplement regimen for a daily wellness boost!

Speaking of supplements and no-fuss methods of intake, you know those vitamin gummies everyone loves? Well, now you can get CBD in a gummy as well. It cannot get any easier or tastier than a gummy for a sweet treat containing this wellness marvel compound that is recommended by many to provide soothing relief for a growing list of common medical concerns. 

But, capsules and gummies are not the only on-the-go CBD containing product. CBD mints targeting specific needs such as pain relief, more energy, improved focus, or a better night's sleep are manufactured by a company called Lucent Botanicals. They isolate the Cannabidiol with a 99.5% purity ratio from hemp grown in Colorado and add natural herbs to the terpenes for fragrances and intended effects. What we love most about these mints is they are readily available when you could use a mood-lifter during the gray winter months.

Salve, Balms & Creams 
It may seem like everything containing CBD is ingested, but there are other great ways to incorporate your CBD into your daily routine. Topicals, like balms, salves, and creams come with refreshing or calming scents and offer relief to your skin and joints. Pick the consistency that best works for your achy muscles and skincare needs from our all-star line-up in our Arlington store location.

Of course, sometimes a lighter medium is preferred. When creams feel too heavy and balms or salves seem too thick or sticky, a serum may be just right. Not sure which one consistency works best for you? We recommend using a similar thickness and firmness you use with your skincare regimen to get started. 

If the balms, salves, creams, and serums are still not topping your list of favorite topicals, check out the gel form of CBD product. With gels, you get the same effect in a cooling formula that may feel lighter and may be easier to carry to your sporting event or work to relieve stressed joints. This is why gels are very popular among athletes and those with physically demanding jobs.

Bath Bombs
While relaxing your muscles is on your mind, 30 minutes in a warm bath with a CBD bath bomb might just be the perfect way to provide your body with natural comforting relief. Imagine letting your cares slip away as the 100mg of CBD works to help your body's own healing ability. Each bath bomb is composed of high-quality broad spectrum hemp properties meaning there is no THC compound in this product, so you can have confidence in knowing you are using products that are non-psychoactive. 

Mary Poppins claimed "A spoonful of sugar helps the medicine go down," and we would agree. In fact, we may have saved the best for last in our top 10. Afterall, it's hard to go wrong with honey! It is incredibly versatile, and can be added to so many wonderful dishes, drinks, or skincare products. However, we usually prefer it straight on a spoon, just like Mary Poppins says.

Therefore, when you need some ideas for the best ways to utilize the restorative powers of CBD oil, remember you have a plethora of options. The above are some of our top sellers, though we like all the categories! Come into our store to find your favorites and begin your journey of naturally-aided relief today.