How to Choose the Best CBD Products You can Trust!

by Medical Xpress Wellness

Woman shopping online with ease on her mobile deviceIn an effort to avoid the harsh side effects of pharmaceuticals, many are turning to CBD to relieve aches and pains or restore their bodies to a more healthy balanced state of being. However, with so many CBD-containing items available on the market, it can be overwhelming to choose the most effective and safest to purchase. Use this helpful list of questions to find the best CBD products you can trust to assist with your related health care needs.

Is This an Established Company in the CBD Industry?
While we all love to support new businesses, there is a benefit to purchasing from companies with a long-standing history of creating and distributing a well-known line of products. Such brands have been through the top levels of consumer scrutiny and can back up their quality statements with research, reviews, and an extensive consumer purchasing history as a result. This is particularly important when looking for CBD items that may be ingested or applied topically to your skin. Plus, it can be incredibly disheartening to fall in love with a newly introduced product on the market only to find it has been discontinued soon after you discovered it because the owners have either sold the business or filed for bankruptcy.

Does the Brand Promote High-Quality Processes?
One thing American shoppers understand about selecting which products to purchase is not all companies with adorable packaging produce trustworthy items. Creative packaging may give us a warm vibe and the abundance of search ads may make us remember the brand name, but these are not helpful indicators of quality. For this reason, Medical Xpress Wellness carries only those products that have a widely acclaimed reputation for their superior ingredients from the soil and growing conditions to the extraction and combining processes.

How Much THC Does the Product Contain?
With respect to CBD products, we love brands that tout a lack of unwanted and potentially harmful additives as well as being free of genetically modified organisms (GMO). However, they should also be free of tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) or, for full-spectrum items, contain a minimal amount (under 0.3%) that would not result in undesirable side effects such as changes in mood, perception, consciousness, or behavior, among other health-related concerns. In other words, you should be able to enjoy the health benefits of taking CBD without worrying about possible negative side-effects.

Has It Been Third-Party Tested?
All that effort sounds great, but how does one know if our manufacturing brands apply the principles and techniques they claim? We feel the same way. That’s why we offer products that have been tested by third parties. The health and well-being of our shoppers is the reason we started this company. Our mission is to offer the best CBD products available for both safety and effectiveness, which means selling top-quality products that have been through rigorous testing by unbiased independent labs that can back up any statements made by our brands. This step is crucial to your being able to trust the data that is being presented in our stores while feeling confident in browsing our large selection of products for those that best fit your needs and preferences.

Was It Made in the U.S.A.?
You may be wondering why it is important to look for a “Made in the U.S.A.” stamp on your CBD products. In addition to the rewards of supporting business owners and teams who live and work within the U.S., our nation has some of the highest standards for products being produced and sold for consumer use. Such standards certainly include the growing conditions and genetic make-up of your favorite CBD items, but also extend to their handling, processing, labeling, and shipping policies.

Do We Carry the Brand at Medical Xpress Wellness?
We line our shelves with the most trusted and verified products on the market. When you walk into our store or call to place your pick-up order, your most stressful task is deciding which item to try first! But, never fear making the wrong choice for your health needs because our knowledgeable and friendly team will help you through your selection process.

Thus, when you are ready to discover the multitude of health benefits CBD oil can offer, use the above checklist of questions to determine where to begin. Then, stop by or call our Texas store locations in Arlington or Austin to experience just how relaxing and care-free buying the most trusted CBD products can be! Start your natural healing, restoring, and balancing health journey today at Medical Xpress Wellness!