How Much CBD Should I Take?

by Medical Xpress Wellness

CBD bottle and nameCannabidiol (CBD) is a highly-touted natural treatment for a large array of symptoms related to a long list of illnesses. But, how much should you take to find relief? Is there a daily limit? Discover what the experts have to say about how to determine the dosage of CBD to take.

Why Use CBD?
Since many patients who use CBD products have reported symptom relief from a growing list of medical concerns such as stress, anxiety, pain, neurodegenerative illnesses, sleep disorders, acne breakouts, seizures, and certain forms of cancer, the natural remedy has become increasingly available to purchase in a variety of product forms from capsules and tinctures to bath products and snack items. Scientists believe the CBD compound works with the body's endocannabinoid system to restore and regenerate the cannabinoids produced by the body that control many of our physiological sensations like nausea, fatigue, pain, and anxiety. In addition to its versatility with symptoms, it is popular for its natural origin as opposed to treatments containing potentially harmful manmade chemicals. Plus, while CBD is derived from the cannabis plant like marijuana, it does not contain significant if any levels of THC, which is the compound that produces the hallucinogenic effects. Therefore, those who take CBD products are able to do so without the fear of feeling "high".

Should Your Doctor Weigh In?
With so many beneficial uses, the question then becomes which CBD product to choose and how much should one take? To answer that question, it is helpful to know CBD is considered more of a supplement than medicinal treatment. That said, determining the product type and dosage amount should start with a discussion with your physician as it could interact with your current medications, supplements, and diet. Alcohol use, for instance, could alter the performance of the CBD product. Moreover, keeping your doctor informed about the product type, dosage, and frequency of use is particularly important when using the product on a child or pet. 

Which Product Should I Try First?
Once you have spoken with your physician, you are ready to select a product you would like to try. There are lotions, joint creams, massage oils, misting sprays, bath bombs, gummies, mints, and much more to choose from! At this point, it is perhaps a better question to ask "Which product works best with my lifestyle?". An individual who travels a lot or is looking for relief while at work, the mints, gummies, or capsules may work best for faster relief. Someone who enjoys relaxing in a warm bath after work may opt for the bath bombs, lotions, or massage oils. Athletic coaches often suggest joint creams, gels, lotions, and misting sprays to relive sports injury pain. Of course, the basic tincture, isolate, or capsule form would be good for anyone who feels comfortable incorporating it into a daily routine.

How to Begin Taking CBD Products
Just as you would with over-the-counter medication for symptom relief, it is important to begin with the lowest dosage amount to see if the symptoms are alleviated at that level. Moving up in dosage should be done in slow increments after talking to your doctor. Remember you can always add more of your product if necessary. 

Label Instructions and CBD Amounts
For adults, the manufacturers make it easy to know what to do with their CBD products by posting instructions on the label of your selected item to follow. For example, CBDistillery recommends taking one dropper (1 ml) of 300mg premium broad-spectrum CBD tincture twice daily or as needed for best results. The same instructions, however, are stated on their 7500mg broad-spectrum CBD tincture. The difference lies in the amount of CBD and other healthy ingredients included in each dose. For more minor symptoms, the 300mg bottle may be the perfect amount for effective symptom reduction. Those with more severe illnesses might find a higher volume of CBD is necessary to experience any positive effect. 

In conclusion, you can determine the most effective CBD-containing products and dosage amounts by speaking with your physician, factoring in your lifestyle and symptom severity, and starting with a lower volume of CBD extract to better understand how CBD impacts your health. For more information on CBD products, contact our knowledgeable staff members at (817) 385-5589 and shop our store located at 3330 Matlock Rd Ste 110b in Arlington, Texas. We only carry top quality brands and we take extra safety precautions for our customers because your health and well-being are why we love what we do!