How CBD Products can Help With COVID-19 Challenges


A woman walking on a path with her dog in the summer.The coronavirus (COVID-19) has brought many wellness challenges that CBD products may be able to help combat. Uncertainty, unemployment, and reduced access to medical care can wreak havoc on your mind, body, and emotional health. Try these touted CBD products that offer a natural and holistic method of easing muscle or joint pain, boosting your mood, sleeping more soundly, and more!

A Mood Lifter
As our nation is faced with mounting concerns such as how to reduce the number of infected people while providing much needed routine healthcare, enabling businesses to open their doors once again, and financially supporting floundering businesses and unemployed individuals, it is clear the longer this continues the more people will experience a decline in emotional and mental health. Fight back against depression and feelings of isolation resulting from such stressors with premium CBD oil products containing natural ingredients you can trust without all the well-documented side effects of antidepressants. Plus, CBD products can oftentimes act quickly to restore balance resulting in reported instant mood-enhancing relief.

In addition to tinctures you can apply to your daily routine, we carry products you can use for an extra mood boost both while relaxing at home or getting fresh air on a hike. For example, we offer Lucent Botanicals' Mood Lift mints that were created with 99.5% pure Cannabidiol Isolate from hemp and natural herbs to add an extra spring in your step when you are on-the-go and struggling with the stressors of the day. Have 30 minutes at home? Imagine soaking your cares away with cbdMD's bath bombs that combine the mood-restoring balance from CBD with the warm relaxation of a soothing hot bath. 

Combats Anxiety 
Not treating your anxiety about your present circumstances could lead to unhealthy habits, muscle knots, digestive issues, low energy, chest pain, headaches, and restless nights. Chronic anxiety could result in physical pain, autoimmune diseases, and sleep deprivation. Moreover, if left untreated, anxiety, just as with depression, can directly impact your relationships with loved ones. The great news is you can use CBD oil's reputed calming benefits to reduce your tension and allow you to focus on ways to remove or manage the stressor. CBD oil has a non-psychoactive effect as it binds with receptors throughout your nervous system to enhance your body's ability to heal itself. To return to a more calm and relaxed state of mind where better choices can be made for a healthier lifestyle while feeling refreshed and focused, we recommend trying Acesco's Calm drink mix, fizz tabs, spray, or balm. These products receive rave reviews by our customers who also love the Pure Embodiment Massage Oil that has an added benefit of leaving your skin ultra-soft. 

Decrease Inflammation
Another hidden source for pain and a myriad of health concerns is inflammation. Whether it is formed from stress, an injury, or a chronic condition, inflammation can be harmful to your body and restrict your ability to perform or enjoy activities. In fact, it has been linked to a higher risk of heart disease and certain cancers. But, over-the-counter and prescription medications have some potentially serious side effects in attempting to curb the inflammation, especially when taken over long periods of time. With CBD oil, you are taking a natural remedy that triggers your body's own soothing and healing responses.

For fast-acting pain relief, try Green Garden Gold's Polar X line of products that combine the power of CBD with an analgesic. This organic broad-spectrum formula includes FDA approved ingredients and hemp-extracted CBD. Gentle enough for a few applications daily as needed, this is one of our top-selling products for athletes and those suffering from arthritis.

Another popular option for stiff and achy or sore joints is our Pure Embodiment Joint Cream. With 100 mg of CBD and select essential oils, this cream is recommended for multiple applications during the day as needed. What our customers love about this product are its deeply penetrating long-lasting relief and its fresh minty aromatherapy fragrance!

If you are experiencing any of these or other chronic symptoms, contact us to learn which CBD containing items are recommended to help your body return to a natural physical, mental, and emotional state of well-being. We only carry the top reputed brands of CBD products so you can order from us with confidence. The CBD compound has been making headlines around the globe with its healing benefits. Now you can use CBD for its restorative effects in your home or when out-and-about. Talk to your physician to see if CBD oil is right for you. Then, contact us and find out for yourself which product is your favorite for a healthier you.