Arlington CBD Store Customer Reviews


With so many wellness products available on the market, how do you know which to buy and what stores in the Arlington area you can trust to bring you the best CBD products in the industry? Simple. Follow the 5-star reviews from satisfied local customers who are excited to share their experiences with you. Find out why Medical Xpress Wellness is your goto store for all your CBD and wellness needs by reading what people are saying about us below.

Review about Medical Xpress Wellness"I was very impressed with this store."
Meet Linda. This is one example of a happy customer who came into our store eager to find holistic options for treating her chronic arthritis symptoms. We introduced Linda to a few of our CBD products that we carefully selected for our customers based on the manufacturer's high-end quality, meticulous cultivating and preparation process, reputation in the industry, and reliability. Since we had already screened our brands before we purchased them for our store, our customers like Linda can feel good about any of the items we sell. Then, as she explained some of her health concerns to us, we took the added step to ensure she found the right products as well as how to use them for optimum results.

Pairing our products with our customers is a critical part of helping them find plant-based healing and relief. As you can tell from her review to the right, Linda was excited to have staff members take the time to speak with her about CBD oil and answer her questions. Since we find fulfillment in helping consumers find plant-based options for treating some of their ongoing symptoms that would otherwise require medications that come with potential side effects, believe us when we say it was our pleasure to speak with Linda and all our store visitors!

"Very helpful and informative..."
You know that warm feeling you get inside when you help someone? We love that feeling! That's why we opened this wellness store in a convenient Arlington location. But, when we read reviews like this one below, we get that giddy kind of energy that adds wind to our sails and signals we are achieving our goal of making a healthy impact on our community. This young lady was looking for a way to decrease her blood pressure naturally. We are thankful whenever our customers are comfortable asking us questions about our products for their health needs, like lowering blood pressure, because it gives us a chance to talk about such topics as how non-hallucinogenic Cannabidiol (CBD) is different from the hallucinogenic Tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) compound or why we keep such an extensive selection of CBD oil items in stock. So, feel free to stop by and ask us about this popular wellness compound and the many stories of success associated with it as well as how it can be used to restore balance to your natural internal processes. With the right products, we hope to hear all our customers say they are seeing improvement just like this customer!
A customer review of our store
"My overall quality of life has improved in all areas.
The amazing healing benefits of CBD oil continue to astound us all as our customers graciously open up about their health journies. Stories like this one below from Shannon where the pain, insomnia, and Post Traumatic Stress Disorder were preventing some much-needed rest. We were able to explain to Shannon how the CBD compound works with endocannabinoid receptors throughout the body to naturally help regulate and correct such issues as inflammation, sleep cycles, mood swings and so much more. The CBD oil and cream noted are an excellent combination for relaxing those aches and pains as well as releasing tension in muscles and promoting a deep slumber that can so often evade us yet is critical to our ability to process all that goes on in our daily lives. Hearing that Shannon is getting some relief by using these products is like chicken soup, or CBD oil in this case, for the soul.

A veteran's review of our store and products.In short, for those who suffer from ongoing health issues, you may find the long and sometimes frustrating road of recovery and pain management can add to already mounting stress-factors. Incorporating some of our high-quality CBD oil products into your routine can seem extravagant. We think your body is sending you signals to let you know it is in need of a little pampering and you are worth the effort! That's why we keep our prices low to make our products affordable and we are ready to connect you with the items that were designed with your symptoms in mind. Read more of our 5-star reviews on Google. Then, stop by our store today to experience our customer service and quality product results for yourself. We are located at 3330 Matlock Road, Ste 110b in Arlington, Texas, and we can't wait to find out how CBD oil can use its restorative power in your life.