CBD Product Ingredients 101

by Medical Xpress Wellness

Spa products on a board background with a towel.You reach for your CBD products when you want natural safe ingredients to help calm inflammation, reduce the frequency and severity of seizures, lessen anxiety, or restore balance to your sleep cycle. But, what is in your CBD products that bring about such powerful relief? Check out this guide that takes a closer look at the process of making world's favorite CBD items.

It Begins With a Plant
Yes, you know the one. Depending on how it is grown, industrial hemp can either be used to cultivate Tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) resulting in a hallucingoenic effect or strengthen the health benefits of the plant for Cannabidiol (CBD) products. It is this growing technique therefore that restricts the THC compound growth while enhancing the healing quality of the CBD compound.

How is CBD Extracted from Hemp?
The growers then usually extract the CBD compound and other beneficial compounds from the hemp plant by soaking it in high-grade grain alcohol (ethanol). Ethanol typically comes from fermented grains, such as corn, wheat, grain sorghum, and barley. It is important to note there are strict guidelines in place to ensure the CBD extract is safe for consumer use.

Those who are have a high-level of training and the right equipment and environement may also use the supercritical or subcritical extraction process. This method that involves keeping carbon dioxide under extremely low temperatures and high pressure. Hence, it is the more challenging and expensive of the two extraction options. However, the payoff is a more pure and controlled CBD product.  

Possible Added Ingredients
Whichever process is used for extraction, each company has its own method for making consistent batches of their own special blends. Much like the cosmetic industry, CBD products often contain other compounds, terpenes, food items like different fruits, and herbs such as lavender. All of these ingredients are blended together to provide you with a choice of intake options, fragrances, flavors, and emotional responses. For example, cbdMD, one of the most trusted leaders in the industry, shows the following list of ingredients used in their beloved bath bombs:

  1. CBD Oil
  2. Baking Soda
  3. Citric Acid
  4. Epsom Salt
  5. Distilled Water
  6. Essential Oils
  7. Fragrances
  8. Food Coloring

What You Should Never Find in Your CBD Product!
Although only the most natural and healthy ingredients are selected for the third-party tested and top consumer-rated brands we sell at Medical Xpress Wellness, there are some things to look out for when buying CBD products from lesser known companies. An example would be anything you might have trouble pronouncing beyond the compound name itself or a product containing more than the maximum level of THC for consumer safety recomendations. In fact, the highest level of THC found in your item should not exceed 0.03%. Moreover, there is a problem with consistency for many brands, even when the ingredients are from natural sources. 

How will I Know Which Brands to Trust?
The great news is we have done the research for you on the most widely respected brands in the CBD industry. This means you can shop our store with ease as you select the products that appeal most to you without fear of quality issues, harmful additives,  or contamination. Have a question about which item(s) are the most effective with a specific health concern? Ask one of our knowledgeable associates who have a passion for helping people find relief from such issues as muscle pain, fatigue, headaches, digestive concerns, sleep apnea, and so much more! If you have not yet tried CBD oil, this is going to be one of those amazing epiphene moments and we cannot wait to hear about it. 

Which Method of Intake Should I Buy?
There are so many phenomenal products available in our store and it can be hard to play favorites. That said, shoppers who want the full benefits of the CBD oil may lean towards tinctures like those from Ananda Hemp or CBDistillery. Those who like an energy boost or calming agent while at work or on-the-go might prefer Lucent CBD Mints. Athletes like our Polar X products from Green Garden Gold and our joint cream and massage oil from Pure Embodiment. In the end, it is mostly about your personal preferences and the results you experience with each.

Where can I Find a Medical Xpress Store?
If you are in the Arlington, Texas area, be sure to stop by our store to stock up on some of the most touted CBD products available anywhere! Our store is located at 3330 Matlock Rd, Suite 110b in Arlington, Texas. You may also call ahead to place your pickup order or ask questions about our products by calling (817) 385-5589. It's not magic; it's CBD oil, and you're worth it!