7 Top CBD Oil Products to Reduce and Soothe Sports Injury Pain


A woman on a trail holding her sore ankleAthletes who suffer from sore muscles and injuries can experience some much-needed relief with these CBD oil products. These items were specially created to soothe and restore tired achy muscles and tendons. Find out what everyone is raving about when you try our CBD product lines, including these seven customer-approved products!

Lucent Inflammation Relief Mints
When you want to perform at your best while at practice or during a game but the pain from inflammation and swelling is holding you back, we recommend Lucent Inflammation Relief Mints. Perfect for carrying in your sports bag or purse, these mints are easy to carry and enjoy for the calming help when you need it the most. By chewing these mints, you are releasing a carefully cultivated blend of 99.5% pure organic terpenes and natural herbs to give your body's own healing ability an anti-inflammatory boost that could help get you back to doing what you love faster. 

PolarX™ Pain-Relieving Gel
In selecting products for our store, we sought out the best quality brands available on the market with a proven reputation of being effective to give relief to our customers. One of our favorite new treatments for athletes and anyone with sore muscles and joints that we are thankful to offer in our store is Green Garden Gold's PolarX™ products.  Infused with 150mg of hemp-extract CBD, the PolarX™ Gel is fast-acting to cool inflamed muscles and give pro-level relief from discomfort stemming from strains, sprains, arthritis, and more!

PolarX™ Spray 
For those who prefer a spray, Green Garden Gold also provides this same level of cooling comfort in their PolarX™ Spray. Both the gel and spray come in compact packaging for portability to administer at home, along the trail, on the sidelines, or at the gym. Don't let minor muscle and joint pain keep you from accomplishing your personal best. Get the help you need to feel better with PolarX™.

Pure Embodiment Joint Cream
Those in need of deeply penetrating CBD pain relief who also appreciate the healing powers of essential oils will fall in love with Pure Embodiment's Joint Cream! This cream is third-party tested and combines aromatherapy with a powerful blend of CBD hemp extract and essential oils known for their anti-inflammatory properties. Best of all, it is long-lasting and gentle enough to use throughout the day as needed.

Acesco Soothe Nutritional Products
Recover faster with Acesco's Soothe nutritional products. The Soothe product line includes a highly targeted broad spectrum hemp oil formulation designed to reduce the time it takes for your body to heal. Broad spectrum CBD extract does not contain THC, the hallucinogenic compound. It does, on the other hand, contain all other compounds naturally derived from the cannabis plant including terpenes, essential oils, and other cannabinoids. As a result, you receive the full healing benefit commonly referred to as the "entourage effect" of multiple natural compounds and soothing agents in every Acesco Soothe product. Choose your preferred method of receiving this wonderful cinnamon and tart cherry-flavored recovery aid from our selection of Soothe Spray, Soothe Fizz Tabs, Soothe Drink Mix, and Soothe Balm. 

Bath Bomb Restore
A warm bath has long been associated with calming and promoting healing of aches and pains. Now, you can add the power of 100 mg of premium non-GMO CBD and essential oils to your bath for quicker calming comfort. Made without artificial dyes or preservatives, these bath bombs come in a variety of fragrances and have been third-party tested for safety. 

Lucent Energy Mints
However, if it's a boost of energy you need, the Lucent Energy Mints can come to your aid anywhere anytime. We know training plus other stressors of the day can take add up to take a toll on your energy level leaving you feeling run down and unable to finish your workout. That's why we are proud to offer you these energy mints to help you keep going and reach for your goals.

Therefore, maximize your body's natural restorative powers to heal and protect using the above products. Since we only stock the highest quality products from trusted brands, you can feel confident in shopping at our store for all your CBD oil needs. Stop by our shop located at 3330 Matlock Rd Ste 110b in Arlington, Texas or call us at (817) 385-5589 to learn more about ways you can use these and other CBD products to be ready for whatever athletic or mobility challenges you face each day. Bring your game face to life's hurdles with CBD oil products!